Tx700 PRO

With this transmitter you will get professional performance! The transmitter has three power stages, 500mW, 1W or 2W output power to secure your range and signal. This transmitter is used by space agencies, rescuer missions and government FEMA and have flown distance of over 100km.
Along with these range abilities we have of course also custom designed a digitally encrypted ID code, sequential failsafe and frequency hopping to secure your UAV and improve your flights.

With the Tx700Pro you will get the ultimate transmitter on the market.


Up to 100 km range.
Easy to setup.
Free support.

The Tx700 features all the good know functions from previous versions, but with the new hardware and software. It comes packed with all the well known features and a lot of new such as

  • Support Fixed/Variable PPM input
  • Futaba input, all up to 12 channels
  • Head tracker input
  • AUX input (for option boards)
  • Option board port
  • Output power switch
  • Firmware update port
  • Status Led
  • Military standard input plugs with screw protection

The TX700 comes in a new design that reduces the height dramatically.

It has also sequential fail safe, that lets you store a fail-safe pattern of 3 interactions when it hits fail safe. Through the firmware port you can access TSLRS debug tools for viewing amounts of fail-safes, blocked channels, diversity performance and much more (TSLRS USB programer needed).

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