Rx700 NR MK

Our Rx700NR MK is our receiver for Multikopters and has a sensitivity of -102dBm. The dimension of this receiver is 50x50mm and fits to the controller board and therefore very easy to integrate. With this receiver you get 4 channels and the total weight is only 10 grams. The Rx700NR MK comes with a mounted antenna but can be upgraded to MCX connector.

The Rx700NR MK is a perfect solution for pilots who are seeking for a light weight receiver with a perfect fit.


Made especially to fit the MikroKopter
Up to 20 km range
  • 4 servo channels (ch5 ch6 ch7 ch8)
  • PPM output (also called SUM signal)
  • Rssi output 0.5 to 3.3V from min to mix
  • Supply voltage 4-10 Volts
  • The receiver board is 50 x 50mm and fits perfectly om the Mikro Kopter controller board.
  • Weight 10 Grams
  • Supply current RX alone 18mA at 5V
  • Wide user temperature range -40C to +70C ambient
  • User firmware upgradeable
  • Possible to upgrade to MCX connector
  • Wideband frequency hopping system
  • Uses 433 to 440 MHz ISM licence free band
  • Servo ssignal pulse output: 3.3V positive
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