Rx700 LR +PSU

The Rx700LR+PSU are equipped with a PSU which gives this receiver a much higher immune for big/digital servos that draws a lot of power.

  • Updated diversity system
  • Updated RSSI system
  • External firmware upgrade port
  • Completely new software
  • Selectable PPM/PWM

Rx700LR+PSU is made to achieve the maximum range that our transmitters can perform. With this receiver you get 12 channels with a diversity system and LED indicators of antenna and receiver status. Combine this receiver with our Tx700Lite you will easy get 20km range and if you desire to flight long range, then combine this with our Tx700Pro and get +100km.

WHY BUY THE Rx700 LR Boosted

Made for servos which draw a lot of power
Up to 100 km range.
Easy to setup.
Free support.
  • World Record long range!
  • 12 servo channels
  • PPM output (also called SUM signal)
  • Switchable output PWM or PPM
  • Rssi output 0.5 to 3.3V from min to mix
  • Supply voltage 4-6 Volts
  • Weight 20 Grams
  • The receiver board is 34 x 55mm.
  • Supply current RX alone 134mA at 5V
  • Diversity dual antenna system auto change over prevents nulling or drop outs
  • LED indicators for antenna selected
  • MCX connectors for antenna inputs
  • Wire antenna mounted directly on the rx.
  • Wideband frequency hopping system
  • Uses 433 to 440 MHz ISM licence free band
  • User firmware upgradeable
  • Supports TSLRS manager
  • Supports debugging mode for TSLRS manager, analyze frequencies, failsafes, diversity
  • Wide user temperature range -40C to +70C ambient
  • Optimized input filter so it can co-exist with strong 2.4Ghz on board video transmitters.
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