The booster 8W is made to give you extra range. This unit can provide up to 8W and can be powered on low voltage as 2-3V. The Booster 8W comes with an LED indicator with DUAL color (red-green) and will fit both of our transmitters. To achieve the ultimate range it’s possible to attach our YAGI antenna to this booster.


Made for extreme ranges
100 km range documented.
  • Added safety and security
  • Auto power on from 50mW input it will power up
  • if no RF signal input it will idle at zero current, so it can now be left powered on all day long
  • LED indicator one dual color, red-green
  • Green lit constantly = all is perfect, RF level in is fine, and DC supply is fine
  • Green off blinks start at 150mW and down to 50mW, longer and longer off time = less input power
  • Red blinks show input voltage is under 6.8V
  • Longer and longer RED lit time when voltage drops more.
  • Green and Red blinks can be active at the same time in case both low rf level and low voltage
  • Booster still works at different voltages, and can now be powered as low as 2-3V
  • The booster will give good power from 125mW to 500mW input
  • 500mW is nominal input, 125mW is -6dB accepted max cable loss, at this point output will drop 1db
  • Input will survive 1W for 10 sec, and 2W for 2 sec, maybe more but I did not dare to test the kill time
  • The previous booster versions had idle currents in the 400-600mA range, so booster could not be left powered on when not flying
  • Risk of using all battery power existed. Users with V3.x boosters must be aware of this.
  • Idle current is defined as the current the booster draw with no RF input
  • Idle current for booster V6 is only 1.4 mA !
  • This PA booster is designed to get 500mW input from the V3 RC system
  • Boosting 0.5W to 8W will increase the range by at least a factor 3 !
  • The PA module consume about 2A at 7.2V and give 7 to 8 Watt out of pure long distance RF power
  • The big cooling box is designed as a big heatsink so it can be opperated 24hr if needed.
  • Weight is 404gr !! (solid quality)

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